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Top 10 Street Food You Must Experience in East Africa

Top 10 East African Street Food

What’s the fun of staying indoors when touring a new country? One of the ways to enjoy the essence of a region is to explore its street food. To explore street food means going outdoors to mix with the people and the street. You learn the history behind the dishes and gain more insights into the lifestyle of the people. There are hundreds of cuisines to try out on the streets of East Africa; the amazing mix of ingredients and spices is quite peculiar, and the atmosphere of the street itself is an essential ingredient. You can make the dishes at home, but it’s never quite the same. These are the 10 must-try street foods in East Africa.

1. Ugandan Rolex

Credit: The Rolex Guy, Uganda

Ugandan Rolex is one of the most popular street foods in Uganda. It is fried eggs mixed with cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and other spices, wrapped in Chapati. It is a very popular meal in Uganda and can be found at most food stalls, restaurants, and lounges. Ugandan Rolex is filling, healthy, and can be eaten at any time of the day. If you find yourself in Uganda, make sure to check it out.

2. Kikomando

Credit: Hatangi Maurice | Twiter

This is another amazing street food in Uganda, just as popular as the Rolex. It is a light meal that is easy to make and eat. If you’re in a hurry and can’t sit down to have your meal, kikomando is your best bet in Uganda. It is basically a combination of sliced chapatti with fried beans spiced with onion, pepper, and tomatoes. It is affordable, delicious, and filling.

3. Kenyan Bajias

Credit: Flyboku

Influenced by the Indians, Kenyan Bajias is a well-known street food in Kenya. It is a convenient and easy-to-make snack. Bajias is made with thinly sliced potatoes and spices like turmeric, chilli, coriander, garam masala, and ginger, battered and fried. It is delicious and even better when paired with chutney. Bajias, however, can also be found in Tanzania.

4. Mush mush

Mush mush is a Somali street food that can be paired with other snacks like spiced potatoes and samosas. It is a circular, flat-shaped snack made from flour, sugar, and water. It is similar to pancakes, but smaller and with an additional ingredient of syrup mixed in the batter. It’s a crispy snack with a soft middle, best paired with cold soda or juice on a sunny day.

5. Zanzibar Pizza

It is not your regular Italian pizza, but it is shaped like one. Zanzibar pizza is a rich street food made of a delightful combination of meat, vegetables, sweets, and spices. The mix is stuffed into a flat sheet of dough, the ends ticked in to keep the filling in, and it is then fried with a little oil till it is slightly brown.

6. Chikanda

Chikanda is another Kenyan street food, also known as African polony. It has a thick, meaty texture, but it is all vegan and healthy. It is one of the most cherished meals in Zambia. Chikanda is made with ground orchid tubers mixed with groundnut paste. It is a highly muted meal that could be eaten as a snack or paired with other meals.

7. Mandazi

Mandazi is a very famous street food in East African countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and others. It is similar to doughnuts and puff puffs of the West African region, sharing similar ingredients except cardamom. Cardamom and the triangular shape of mandazi differentiate it from other snacks and make it an irresistible treat.

8. Biryani

Street food in the Seychelles is a mixture of dishes influenced by the Indians, French, and Chinese. You will certainly find Biryani in any street restaurant or stall. Biryani is a rice dish mixed with various Indian spices, vegetables, and meat. Your vacation in the Seychelles would be incomplete without having a taste of this.

9. Ugali

Ugali, a staple food in East Africa, is a stiff porridge made from cornmeal or millet flour. When paired with Sukuma Wiki, a braised collard green dish, it becomes a satisfying and nutritious street food combination. Ugali with Sukuma Wiki is a popular choice of street food among locals, providing a hearty and filling meal.

10. Chechebsa

Chechebsa is an Ethiopian street food breakfast. It is made with shredded flat bread called Kira. The bread is stir-fried with different Ethiopian spices to produce a mouth-watering delicacy. Chechebsa is best eaten by dipping it in honey or spreading the honey over it. It is one of the best dishes the Ethiopians love to start their days with. Enjoy this? I bet you can’t get enough of these African desserts.

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