Astrid Andersen AW18 – The Buffalo Movement Never Died!

Just like the menswear collection, that Astrid Andersen presented at London Fashion Week, her AW18 womenswear collection seeks inspiration from the 80ies Buffalo movement. The self expressive movement came to live in London during the riots caused by the high unemployment in the late 70ies. Focused on self-expression, Buffalo was a trend that brought together different styles and cultures. With the Buffalo movement, gender-bending fashion and the incorporation of different cultural backgrounds was first seen in a fashion trend. The Buffalo crew, a group surrounding the stylist Ray Petri was the centre of the movement. Mostly immigrant children, everyone brought influences from the culture into the movement, creating one of the most diverse trends and leaving its mark up until today.

Andresen picks up on the trend with her gender-bending collection, showing a luxury streetwear collection influenced by different trends and an inspiring mix of elegant elements and urban cuts.

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