Adrian Nduma is a professional contemporary artist based in Kenya. He holds a bachelors degree in Education (fine Art) from Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya. He largely works with acrylics on canvas. He has crisscrossed professions, beginning as a high school teacher straight from his bachelors degree. He then did two years in an advertising agency , before joining a bank. He worked in the bank for five years and as he was taking his masters degree in business administration (MBA), he decided to quit his banking job and embark on his art career full time. He also deffered his MBA

He was the first Chairman of the Kenya Visual Artists Network.

Adrian’s works can be seen in private collectors’ homes, as well as many offices and public spaces.

Notable among his work are two huge paintings that rest at the entrance of the State House, Nairobi, the official office and residence of the President of Kenya. Two others are also mounted in one of the State House meeting rooms. He has also done commissions for Stanlib, among other banking institutions.

Adrian has been featured in many publications, including Msafiri (A Kenya airways in-flight magazine), The Star, The Business Daily, and Invest Kenya, among others.

Adrian has commanded the highest price for an artwork bought in Kenya, first in 2011 when he clocked Kenya shillings 2.1 million and recently, in 2015, under the national Museums of Kenya, when he sold another for Kenya shillings 2.9 million.

Adrian Also sits on the panel that is deciding on Artwork for the new Airport Terminal-JKIA (NBO).



  • 1997-Highridge teachers college(Nairobi-Kenya)-Art teacher
  • 1997-1999 Nu turn Bates Advertizing Company(Nairobi-Kenya)-Visualizer/graphic designer
  • 2000-2004  Banker-Commercial Bank of Africa((Nairobi-Kenya)- managing U.S Embassy branch, USAID Branch and finally before he left, ILRI branch.
  • Adrian Nduma started his art career full time in the year 2004


Painting in acrylics on canvas, Adrian’s work blends Realism, Sur-realism and Abstract styles in tackling the various subject matters that are diverse. His stint in the advertizing world makes his appreciation of form stand out in his compositions. He has been commissioned to paint portraits to inspirational abstracts.  His work will mainly stand out from the “Color” and “Happy” hues that evoke positive feelings and energy.



2005: First exhibition Casablanca Restaurant in Nairobi-Kenya.

2006: Organized various exhibitions and workshops at BONZO Art Gallery-Lavington Kenya.

2010: Private Exhibition at a Private residence in Kenya

2011: Joint Exhibition with various artists at Little Art Gallery Nairobi

2011: Spherique Indian Ocean Art project exhibition-Zanzibar

2011: Private Exhibition at a Private residence in DUBAI

2011: Kenya-China Exhibition at Kenyatta University – Kenya. Group exhibition

2011: Kenya – China Exhibition at the National Museum of Kenya –Kenya. Group exhibition

2011: Talisman Restaurant Kenya-Solo Exhibition

2012: Spherique Indian Ocean Art Project exhibition-Zanzibar

2012: National Museums of Kenya-Implosion of Colour art exhibition. Solo Exhibition

2012: Osteria Gallery Karen, Kenya-Solo Exhibition

2012: Talisman Restaurant-Solo Exhibition.

2012: Kenya Visual Artists Network Exhibition-Nairobi Art Gallery-Nairobi. Group Exhibition.

2013:Painting pro bono murals in schoos(workshop) in Turkana District Kenya.

2014:Jointly wit artists from the republic of Uganda, held an exhibition at BONZO Art Gallery

2015:Mid year exhibition at BONZO Art Gallery

2016:DigitiZed-an experimental exhibition held at the Nairobi national museum, used e waste to produce art.

2017:Solo Art exhibition “Colourise” at the Village market Nairobi exhibition hall.

2818:Solo Exhibition at Polka Dot Art Gallery Nairobi Kenya.

2019:Solo End year Exhibition at a private residence




  • State house Nairobi- My 2 Paintings are at the entrance of state house, the official residence of the president of Kenya
  • Sir. Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic)-A lion painting was commissioned for and presented to him. It is mounted in the main boardroom of Virgin Atlantic Global.
  • Don Bosco Catholic Shrine Upper Hill-the crypt -MURAL -1993
  • PWC offices westlands Kenya- collection of 4 of my paintings.
  • “ACORN Management LTD” Lavington Nairobi, Kenya. 25 paintings
  • Private collectors most of them are sensitive about their disclosure to the public. The bulk of my Art is actually with private collectors.


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