Aphia Sakyi Q&A

Aphia Sakyi is a big name in Ghana’s fashion industry when it comes to handcrafted neckpiece ‘accessories’. The most recent designs were spotted in the sequel version of Eddie Murphy’s 80s hit movie, Coming 2 America. For example, Sakyi’s African brass faced necklace was gracefully adorned on the neck of the principal character, Princess Makeba (Kiki Layne) as well as Akeem’s aide Semmi (Arsenio Hall) and royal servant Oha (Paul Bates).

FABL’STYLE was able to interview here and share it with you…

FAB: Tell us about your luxury accessories brand, ‘Aphia Sakyi’ and how it all started?

Aphia Sakyi: Aphia Sakyi is a luxury Ghanaian fashion brand that helps individuals embrace who they’re, love where they come from, and feel good showing it by crafting African wearable art necklaces that suit their personality and connect them to the heartbeat of Africa. It started 8 years back, when Afia dropped out of school because she was unable to finance her education.

FAB: Why the name ‘Aphia Sakyi’?

Aphia Sakyi: I named the brand ‘Aphia Sakyi’ as a representation of my myself, a Ghanaian from Africa.

FAB: You are an accessory designer of a high repute. Tell us, what motivates you?

Aphia Sakyi: I’m motivated by African history and art.

FAB: What’s the inspiration behind your collections? Especially the ‘Still I Rise’ collection which was presented in 2019?

Aphia Sakyi: The newest Aphia Sakyi collection “Still I Rise” not only remembers those who paved the way but is paving the way through fashion to bring Africa and it’s treasures to the forefront by breaking barriers and charting new paths.

In Everlasting memory of the anquish of our ancestors, this collection called ‘Still I Rise’ tells the story of African humanity through beautiful and luxurious accessory pieces. ” May those who died, rest in peace. May those who return, find their roots. May humanity never again perpetrate such injustice against humanity. We the living, vow to uphold this.

FAB: How many collections do you have to your credit?

Aphia Sakyi: I have 5 collections, there will be an addition in a month.

FAB: Which of them is your personal favorite?

Aphia Sakyi: My favorite one is ‘Still I Rise’.

FAB: Your handcrafted neckpieces resonates with the African heritage. How do you conceive your creative ideas?

Aphia Sakyi: They come naturally, and sometimes by visiting the Art center.

FAB: You have a wide variety of African rope necklaces. How does that accentuate or complement looks?

Aphia Sakyi: The Aphia Sakyi brand is a representation of African art and Royalty.

FAB: Mention only a few celebrities who have rocked or worn your accessories, both locally and internationally?

Aphia Sakyi: Amongst others include Ghanaian-South African singer-songwriter Adina Thembi, Ghana’s Efya Nokturnal, Actress Yvonne Okoro, Artiste Ebony Reigns of blessed memory, American music icon Janet Jackson, Her Royal Highness Princess Haifa  Faisal of Saudi Arabia, Leddy Young, Tiffany Haddish, Ciara, Lika Osipova, Maye Musk and En Vogue music.

FAB: Tell us about fashion shows that you’ve participated, in Ghana and outside?

Aphia Sakyi: I was part of FashionGH Weekend fashion show, Passion for Fashion Showcase, Accra Fashion Week, Golden Hair and Fashion Show, Africa Fashion Week London, Africa Fashion International (AFI) South Africa and others.

FAB: What makes you different from other Ghanaian accessory designers?

Aphia Sakyi: My passion.

FAB: How does it feel to have global clients such as Ciara and Janet Jackson?

Aphia Sakyi: It feels great.

FAB: What are your major milestones, achievements and awards?

Aphia Sakyi: Every achievement is a great milestone for Ghana and the Aphia Sakyi brand, the latest is being featured in ‘Coming 2 America’. I won FashionGHANA.com Accessory brand of the year as well.

FAB: Your handcrafted African brass faced necklace was recently spotted in the Coming 2 America movie, how did that happen?

Aphia Sakyi: I got an email regarding featuring my pieces in ‘Coming 2 America’, they sent me pieces that they wanted, prices were quoted and the designs were shipped to them.

FAB: How did you feel about that experience?

Aphia Sakyi: I was fulfilled in promoting Ghana through fashion.

FAB: Kind Regards and thank you fort he interview.

Ben Boateng
Fashion Journalist



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