ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR is a contemporary brand, founded in Berlin by Aleksandra Jagdfeld. Through one iconic wardrobe essential, the coat, Aleksandra takes you on a journey exploring heritage, tradition, culture, and a deeper sense of connection. Each collection embodies centuries old rituals and handicraft techniques woven into the highest quality coats, reinterpreted for modern, everyday life.

Jagdfeld’s desire to work in fashion roots to her childhood in Bromberg, Poland, where she was born and raised by only her mother. The care for one’s appearance regardless of income inspired Aleksandra to pursue a career in fashion through her studies of Culture Science in Germany, and Communication in Malaga, Spain.

For almost 20 years, Aleksandra’s husband’s family ran the “Department store” at Quartier 206 in Berlin. Here, she reached the stage where she became aware of the extremely fast cycle of fashion and started disliking the wasting of clothes and energy. Aleksandra knew that, should she ever start a career in fashion, her brand was going to be different in terms of production, seasons and cycles. In line with this, Aleksandra simultaneously decided her brand would concentrate on one perfect product only.

After spending many years working in Real Estate, Aleksandra decided to follow her passion. The birth of her son, Viktor, was a crucial moment for her. She realised that when a woman gives birth, she receives a lot of light and power. Without Viktor, Aleksandra believes she would not have had the strength to dare starting the brand.

“The discovery of new countries, cultures and crafts is my absolute inspiration and a very important part of my life. I need to travel just like a plant needs water. Somebody once told me I have an old soul. I have this deep longing to be far away sometimes. And wherever I go I always bring many things back home with me. Fabrics, clothes, woodwork, porcelain etc… And often if someone buys something very traditional abroad, and this is especially true for garments, they realise that it’s not really wearable at home. My wish was to transform traditional items in a modern way, so they can we worn at day-to-day.”

– Aleksandra Jagdfeld

The fast-paced nature of the digital world can often make one forget their sense of self and the roots of their heritage. Aleksandra aims to direct this focus back to the importance of traditions and rituals and reflects this aspiration through her iconic coats. You can check out AleksandraViktoria logbook here

For more information on ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR, please contact: Lois Clark – In+Addition Communications


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