A Romantic Experimental Runway? Sounds like Jacquemus.

The Jacquemus mantra: if it’s not broken why fix it ?


Image from L’Officiel Arabia

So once you have cracked the code of how to get fashion designs to go viral on Instagram- stage, photograph, repeat.  Simon Porte Jacquemus chose a nostalgically familiar set for his Spring 2021 collection for his Jacquemus label in a field of gold barley (a nod to his know infamous lavender field catwalk).  Even during a pandemic when the fashion world has been put in halt, the young designer knows how to get people to talk about hid most recent collection. 

And what about social distancing?

Despite facing an array of criticism for not rescheduling his show in light of the global health crisis , Simone Jacquemus dared to be one of the first designers to put on a runway show during COVID. 

It is highly likely that you saw at least one repost or headline that featured models in linen garments strolling on a wooden runway amidst a gigantic golden field. The ‘insta worthy’ set was constructed in the Vexin Regional National Park, just an hour outside of Paris.

“For me, the runway can’t be a video. It’s at the heart of what we do…” 

A reduced collection, made of simple materials and few colours, which have been able to give a whole new light to garments that have never lost their identity.

This year, there were only 100 guests, all seated at safe distances from one another, watched 55 models walk a 600 meter-long runway. 


SS21 collection stayed true to the brand’s aesthetic: roomy, airy pieces that recall classic workwear shapes

Titled L’Amour, the show was visual poetry that paid homage to outstanding literary scenes in Terrence Malick’s ‘Days of Heaven’ and Andrew Wyeth’s ‘Christina’s World’ as the designer personally wrote in the informational brochure for the show. 

And what about the mood?

All in all, the who experience felt seductive, a bit melancholy, and incredibly romantic, which is evidently what Jacquemus and team were feeling while creating the line.

The entire Spring 2021 presentation felt somewhat surreal – partly due to the fact the collection was modeled against a dreamy out-of-a-painting Fashion has always been about creating a bit of fantasy, and Jacquemus knows how to deliver. backdrop and partly because the « new normal » feels so distant from the fashion events of the past. Nonetheless, fashion has always been about creating a bit of fantasy, and Jacquemus knows how to deliver.

Speaking to Vogue, the designer said, “For me, the runway can’t be a video. It’s at the heart of what we do; it’s not superficial. It’s important to all of us to continue, just like a restaurant that reopens. It’s like a movie of a summer day. It’s our life.”

Discover which of the looks we found to be the most dreamy below:

Simone Porte Jacquemus captured in his ‘natural element’



Guests – some masked, others not – sat 1.5m apart from each other during the presentation

The show took place early in the morning, just after dawn

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