A different ever after…

Dress // Zvonko Markovic
A different ever after...
Dress; Corsett // Zvonko Markovic; Fascinator // Blackbirdfield
Dress // Elisa Malec
Dress // Zvonko Markovic
Dress // Solaine Piccoli available at Niely Hoetsch; Feathers // Niely Hoetsch
Dress // Zvonko Markovic; Fascinator // Blacbirdfield
Dress // Tiberius; Hat // Alwa Petroni available at Tiberius Labelstore
Dress // Zvonko Markovic
Silk Wedding Dress with hand stitched silk flowers // Elisa Malec
raw silk Wedding Dress // Michél Mayer available at Niely Hoetsch
Wedding Dress with handmade lace // Solaine Piccoli available at Niely Hoetsch

Photography // Stefan Kokovic
Hair & Make-up // Melanie Zickl
Models // Nina Alscher and Laura-Marie Pirich; represented by Stellamodels
Styling // Harriet Hala and Jon-Eric Hegemann