5 Thai Designers to Keep An Eye On

5 Thai Designers to know FAB L'Style


Stretsis is the brand, that brings the nostalgic feeling of a warm summer evening to your hearts when waking up on a rainy morning. Being famous for translating and manifesting fantasies into grown-up realities, the Thai designer is a shining pillar of the countries fashion scene.

5 Thai Designers to Keep An Eye On


KEM ISSARA‘s appeal lies within it’s playful and feminine appeal towards the modern woman’s wardrobe. Every collection of this Thai design house will make you want to pack your bags just that second and jump on a plane to your favourite beach resort.


Found by Disaya Sorakraikitikul in London, this Thai designer brings highly elegant ready-to-wear dreams to life. The Central Saint Martins honours her Alma Marta by her keen eye for finding the right line between the highest form of creativity and wearability.


Simplicity and wearability are the reason for Munchu’s great success in- and outside of Thailand. Rather than following a specific trend, Munchu’s focuses on creating clothes fitting the personality of their customers.


Thai design house Curated both strikes in terms of their visual language as well as the creativity of the designs themselves.

Every collection is a complex and individual concept, that stands alone and gives both their female and male clients the chance to reinvent themselves.

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