Date: May 2021

The values of Love –   There is so much confusion everywhere, and people are dying of lack of love.  So much betrayal, disunity and many don’t even mind killing others to have their way.  Love is a beautiful thing that a hardened criminal will fall for.  Love is lacking in homes, in a ci

We all yearn to have the perfect taint and clear skin that is glowing and looks healthy and young! Countless cosmetic products try to lure us with breathtakingly beautiful advertisement campaigns. The longing in us for natural products has been recognised by cosmetic manufacturers. Some creams and g

Aphia Sakyi is a big name in Ghana’s fashion industry when it comes to handcrafted neckpiece ‘accessories’. The most recent designs were spotted in the sequel version of Eddie Murphy’s 80s hit movie, Coming 2 America. For example, Sakyi’s African brass faced necklace was gr

ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR is a contemporary brand, founded in Berlin by Aleksandra Jagdfeld. Through one iconic wardrobe essential, the coat, Aleksandra takes you on a journey exploring heritage, tradition, culture, and a deeper sense of connection. Each collection embodies centuries old rituals and handicra

Today, 20th of March, we celebrate World Bee Day and the birthday of Anton Janša. Born in Slovenia in the 18th century, he pioneered modern beekeeping techniques and greatly admired the industrious nature of these tireless insects. BEES or not to BE Few of us consciously realise the invaluable cont


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