She’s light, vibrant and easy like Sunday mornings and some Saturdays too because they call her the empire-line; a high-waisted dress that became very popular during the 19th century is a style of dress that has a fitted bodice ending just below the bust, giving a high-waisted appearance. By the t

On my previous wine blog, I share my tips on how I discover rare gems for good value when I blindly travel around the world of wine, highlighting the wine region as a major point of reference. While wine has been described as a window into places, cultures and times, geographers have realised that t

In the ambience of the minimized-fuss in the boutique atmosphere and calm of ‘The Narativ,’ located at 385 Tompkins in Brooklyn, NYC on an easy Wednesday evening, Liz Ogumbo boldly took over the Boutique while extending her sapphire of finesse through her wine-tasting fused with the element of s

Part I – The Ocean Due to the unforgiving Covid-19 pandemic crisis lockdown regle globally locking humanity inwards in exchange for our planet’s chance to thrive and survive out there, biodiversity negatively influenced by habitat loss and degradation due to human activity, climate change, a


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